Jul 9, 2009

What Are You Good At?

As my display name and blog url suggest, I am known by my friend as Pija. Not my full name. I created this blog as one of the requirements in my course this semester, TSL 641 Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). Actually I have a blog which I wish I can use for this course so I can increase my traffic and gain some money from Naffnang :D On a second thought I think the entries in that blog are personal and I share them only with my close friends. So, there goes my chance to get side income from Naffnang. But hey, I can still put this blog under Naffnang! Haha! That desperate? So, friends, create an account in Naffnang then. Hihi.

Basically, in this course we as future English teachers are enhancing our knowledge on recent developments in the use of technological aids. In the end of the course we will create an ESL courseware or website which sends me a few butterflies straight to my tummy. Obviously because I am not that good in using computer softwares. If someone were to ask me to list down all my skills and knowledge of computers I would say:

  1. I am good at typing my assignments in Microsoft Words
  2. I am good at internet surfing
  3. I am good at checking my emails
  4. I am good at managing my personal blogs
  5. I am good at goggle-ing
  6. I am good at downloading videos especially from Youtube
  7. and I am good at chatting in Yahoo Messenger
  8. oh.. to show that I am actually good in something worth called 'software' - I am quite good at using Adobe Photoshop
Let alone the skills to 'operate' computer hardware. I can't even talk about it. Full stop.

Taking this course marks my final journey in becoming a university graduate. (Finally) yes, this is my final semester. Hopefully.

I have just finished my practicum last semester. In that opportunity of teaching in the real world (real class, real students and not my dear friends who always give their full attention and participate in my teaching) I am quite satisfied coz I managed to practice what I have learnt in the Education Faculty EXCEPT I only managed to use multimedia technology once. That's the only time I got the chance to use computer in my teaching during practicum. Poor me.. and poor the students too who begged me to bring them to the computer lab.

That's all for a not-so-short introduction. I'll stop here in the quest to find some ESL websites and get my friends' blog url to be linked. The more, the merrier!

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