Jul 22, 2009

Learning Without Writing

1) The manual copying way
  • copy the instruction
  • copy the answers in the boxes (yes, draw the boxes too students)
  • copy the questions..
  • fill in the blanks (no, you can't simply put numbers in the blanks. write the answers. what? yes, write it again)
Tuut.. Skip this..

I also remember

2) using scissors and glue. yaiy. sticky. geli
  • cut the answers in the paper.. in the boxes (and small pieces of papers are everywhere in the classroom.. "Teacher! Can I have another piece of this paper? My answers had fly away~")
  • use your glue, students.. and stick the answers on your handout ("Teacher, I'd stick the wrong answer. I pulled it and it .. OMG.. torrrrr-n")
Tet.. tet.. tet.. tet.. tetttttt!!!! Forget this too!

If only I can just drag and drop it...
No copying. No writing. No cutting. No sticking.

Like this?

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