Sep 11, 2009



LEVEL: Intermediate

SUBJECT: English

TOPIC: Famous Personalities

THEME: People

TIME: 70 minutes

LANGUAGE CONTENT: The Simple Past Tense

AIMS: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to use the Simple Past Tense and know some African American Vernacular English (AAVE) words.


One computer for 2-3 students equipped with and Internet connection, a Web Browser, and speaker or headphone.


  4. (additional as back-up if students face difficulty finding answers)
  5. (additional as back-up if students face difficulty finding answers)
  6. (additional as back-up if students face difficulty finding answers)


  1. Find a video clip of the song entitled “Sunny Day” by Akon in and ensure that it does not contain inappropriate image.
  2. Check whether the lyric provided is correct and the language is appropriate in
  3. Come out with worksheets for the lesson.


Set Induction: (10 minutes)

  1. Ask the students who their favourite singers are. Ask what they know about their favourite singers. Then, ask if they know what their favourite singers’ job is before they become popular. Direct students to and let them explore about celebrities like Brad Pitt, Madonna, Rod Stewart and Ellen DeGeneres before they search for their own idols (these are examples of celebrities with normal jobs before being popular).
  2. Ask if they know about Akon’s life before he becomes a popular singer (Akon is not included in the Hardly Famous website). Ask them if they know his song entitled “Sunny Day”.

Task 1 (20 minutes)

  1. Direct students to the “Sunny Day” video clip in Youtube ( and its lyric ( Tell them that this song is about Akon’s real experience. Let students listen to the song.

  1. Question students to see whether they understand what the song is all about.
  2. Distribute Worksheet #1 to students. Tell them that they can find the answers by using search engines. They are also allowed to search information about Akon.
  3. Discuss the answers with the students and ensure they understand the meaning of the song.

Task 2 (30 minutes)

  1. The teacher asks students in what form of tense the lyric was written.Then the teacher instructs the students to point out all examples of the Simple Past Tense used in the lyric. The teacher then distributes Worksheet #2.
  2. The teacher teaches the Simple Past Tense (inductively) and at the same time instruct the students to fill in Worksheet #2. All the examples should come from the students while the teacher monitors.

Conclusion: (10 minutes)

  1. The teacher recapitulates the lesson.
  2. The teacher leads students to point put the moral values learnt from the song and the Hardly Famous website.
  3. The teacher reminds students to do the follow-up activity.


The teacher aska students to write a paragraph of how Akon’s life is before he becomes a popular singer based on the song “Sunny Day” and their research on the World Wide Web about him to ensure they know how to use the Simple Past Tense correctly and to brush up on their writing skill. The writing will be used for the next writing lesson.

*Dr., I've sent both Worksheet #1 and Worksheet #2 to your email


Izaham Shah Ismail said...

You like Akon huh? Interesting LP

-bonez- said...

Very interesting LP pja! Students are always excited when they get to give opinions on their favourite singers & actors / actress. This was what i experienced during my practicum. They students know about all the singers & even able to sing their songs (complete!)..this lp will definetely get the students' attention for now they are still so into Akon. by having this lp too, the students get to learn about the singers background & life. this will make them realise that nothing comes easy in life :)

IVY's said...

Yes I agree with you bone, this kind of lesson will grab the students' attention towards the lesson. They students prefer to know more about celebrities rather than learning on history. The students also have interest on topic that has anything to do songs or lyrics because as a young people they are so into music.

Raihan Anak Ajis said...

Akon?? Why Akon... sigh... i prefer Ne-Yo.. hahahahahha..